Articles of Interest

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Bahasa Malaysia Articles:

  • Cara Rawatan Penyakit Mental
    Tahukah anda jenis-jenis penyakit mental yang perlukan rawatan? Tahukah anda bagaimana rawatan fizikal, rawatan psikologi, dan rawatan social dapat membantu seseorang yang menghadapi penyakit mental?
  • Obsesif Kompulsif (OCD)
    Tahukah anda tentang Obsesif Kompulsif (OCD)? Apakah ciri-ciri OCD? Faktor-faktor yang menyebabkan OCD? dan Rawatan-rawatan yang berkesan?

English Articles:

  • DEPRESSION – Moving Towards Recovery
    Depression is more than just feeling “down”, and it is not a sign of personal weakness. It is a common, serious and complex illness that affects an estimated 121 million people worldwide.
  • UN Warning on Child Mental Health
    Up to one in five of the world’s children is suffering mental or behavioural problems according to two UN agencies. Find out more…