The Vision of MMHA is to:


Our Mission

  1. Promote mental health and create greater awareness on mental wellbeing and  illness in the community.
  2. Advocate for positive attitudes towards mental health issues in particular, destigmatising mental illness.
  3. Provide rehab service for those recovering from mental illness.
  4. Safeguard the interests and welfare of people with mental illness.
  5. Support caregivers and family members of people with mental illness.
  6. Supporting and working with others in education, training and research in the promotion of mental health in the country.

Our Philosophy

At MMHA, we take a holistic approach towards mental illness. We don’t think medication alone is the answer to the treatment of mental health disorders. Thus, we strive to integrate various approaches in the overall psychiatric rehabilitation programme such as:

  • Establishing a cooperative relation to the psychiatrists (ex-house), whom the clients are attending for their medical treatment.
  • Engaging in psychological/therapeutic treatment where a direct relation between counselor and client is established.
  • Offering an environment that seeks to give the clients social opportunities, experiences and events, which they otherwise do not easily have access to.
  • Striving to limit the social consequences of mental health disorders by offering job training programmes and helping clients to find satisfying jobs.
  • Providing our service in a professional manner by adopting evidence-based and best practices.

At MMHA, we also want to create an atmosphere of acceptance, acknowledgement and understanding towards people suffering from a mental health disorder. We believe that creating a holding environment is the ground pillar for any other approach.


  • We are strongly opposed to people with mental health disorders being referred to as people “having lost their senses”. On the contrary, we take the opposite view where people suffering mentally as a result of their senses being too burdened by too much pain and stressful experiences in life.
  • To avoid stigmatising, we chose to call the people joining MMHA as ‘clients’ and ‘friends’. Also by using these positive connotations we want to emphasise the individuality of our clients/friends with the right to be listened to and understood like any other person.