Caregiver Support & Education Programme (CSE)

Caregiver Support and Education Program is a 10 module programme to provide comprehensive support and education to caregivers who are assisting individuals with mental health challenges. This series aims to equip caregivers with the necessary knowledge and skills to better understand, assist, and support their loved ones effectively.

Please note this programme is free of charge

Case Management Direction

The Case Management Direction for WnRP Clients involves three main components:

1. Psychotherapy/Treatment:
Clients are encouraged to adhere to their treatment plans and medication.

2. Wellness & Recovery Programme (WnRP):
Gathering case history from both the client's and family's perspectives to aid the assigned therapist in the client's recovery. Participants can also have individual sessions with staff to express their feelings and needs.

3. Caregiver Support & Education Programme (CSE):
Caregivers are required to attend in order to learn about their loved one's mental illness and coping strategies. Modules cover crisis management procedures, communication skills, symptoms of different mental illnesses, and self-care.